Concrete Foundation

Concrete Foundation services in Ottawa

An absolute must for any home is a solid foundation. If your foundation isn’t done properly, if it becomes compromised, or if it gets damaged, then the whole structural integrity of your home is at risk. Don’t take any type of chances with your concrete foundations. Contact the best professionals for foundations at Nepean Cement to ensure that you will get the absolute best foundation for your home. You can’t afford to take risks with such a major part of your home. Our contractors can handle any type of concrete foundation services that you need.


What is a Concrete Foundation?

A concrete foundation is responsible for bearing all the weight of your home, as well as everything else inside of it. This is an important task that needs to be kept in mind, it should be very clear just how important a good foundation is. If your foundation isn’t installed properly, being level and completely flat, then you can experience serious structural issues to develop over time. This is why you need to schedule, and have your concrete foundation installed with our skilled professionals.


Concrete Foundation Types

The most common type of concrete foundation used, is slab foundations. This flat concrete slab is where your home will sit. If your slab isn’t angled or solid, it is very possible for your home to become unstable. This concrete slab will also help to protect other components of your home from elemental exposures like moisture.

When it comes to scheduling the installation for your concrete foundation, call Nepean Cement for exceptional service as well as high-quality experience.

You might even want to consider having a raised concrete foundation. This type of foundation is raised above the ground that surrounds it. There are some benefits to having a raised foundation. There will be less leveling and grading that is needed if you decide to go with a raised foundation, plus it can help to protect your home from flood waters. We can certainly help you to to decide what foundation would be right for your new home.

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