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Concrete Garage Floors In Ottawa, ON

Is your garage floor just plain old gray? Did you know that coating the floor is one of the least expensive ways of making an upgrade – and that it looks great? An added bonus of using our industrial-grade systems, which are epoxy-based, is that they also provide an extra layer of defence against tire marks and stains as well as doing a superb job of covering over existing minor blemishes. The coating can be applied using a wide array of colors and there is also the ability to add your own creative touch with decorative quartz or paint chips – there are literally hundreds of combinations!

As well as coating, we are extremely experienced in all types of concrete work, such as colored or patterned concrete, or individual custom design projects.

Steps and Procedures

Quality and service are our top priorities and that’s why we insist on using Union Control Concrete in all the work that we do – from experience we know that you will be another of our very satisfied customers. We employ a rigorous six-step approach in all concrete work:

Step 1:  Safety boards are set up to make sure that walls and any adjoining properties are safeguarded. Then the concrete is jack hammered or saw cut, as necessary to remove it so that it can be safely disposed.
Step 2: The sub-base is inspected and 3/4 clear gravel or sand is added to areas that require it and then compacted to provide the required slopes and grades.
Step 3: Expansion joints are then supplied and installed as necessary and tightened to ensure that they are secure.
Step 4: Steel wire mesh is supplied and installed to ensure that shrinking and cracking does not occur in the future.
Step 5: The concrete is then supplied, laid and smoothed out.
Step 6: The final finishes are completed by hand and an industrial motorized propelled concrete finisher as shown in the picture on the right.
If you are looking for high quality work where you live or where you work, and at an affordable price, then you’ve come to the right place. We are in business to serve you – please call us at your convenience for more details.






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