Suspended Slabs

Suspended Slabs Contractor in Ottawa, ON

In many industrial or residential buildings, a thick concrete slab, that is supported on the subsoil or on foundations, is used to create the ground floor of a building. These can be either suspended or ground bearing slabs. Suspended slabs are concrete slabs that are not in direct contract with the grounds. The may form floors or roofs that are above ground level.

Suspended slabs are normally grouped into two types of slabs:

  • One way slabs that are supported on two sides.
  • Two way slabs that are supported on all four sides.

The way that the slab spans on its supports will have a direct impact on the way the slab will bend.

Here at Nepean Cement, we provide a total service for the design and construction of any suspended slab. Each slab is designed individually, and all of our work is installed by, and certified by our experienced Nepean Cement team.


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